Hair Loss Prevention Drug

Problems with Hair Loss Drugs

When pharmaceutical scientists first created a hair loss prevention drug that was effective at preventing the formation of DHT, they were ecstatic. Finally they had a product to sell that millions of men across the country and millions more around the world would appreciate and buy in the truckloads in order to help save their thinning head of hair.

However, their ecstasy is unwarranted, because although they may have created a hair loss prevention drug that was effective at stopping hair loss, they did so at the expensive of other, far more serious issues that negate its overall positive benefits.

Problems with the Hair Loss Prevention Drug

Its primary problem lies in the method it uses to prevent the formation of DHT. While there are natural supplements that simply do not allow the chemical processes that allow DHT to form to take place, these chemical medications lowered the amount of DHT in your body by removing excess testosterone.

But testosterone, unlike DHT, is not only used by your body but needed. Removing the amount required for your body to work correctly is putting yourself at long term health risks, all for the ability to re-grow hair.

And don’t forget, hair loss is not a medical issue. If you suffer from hair loss, while this may be devastating, it does not mean that you are in ill health. It only means that you have hair loss. It is a psychological issue, not a health issue. But these hair loss prevention drugs turn it into a health issue, by putting chemicals in your body that can screw up your body’s own natural processes.

One of the side effects of this change can be sexual dysfunction, arguably a far worse psychological issue than hair loss.

Had pharmaceutical companies thought about what was really important, they would realize that their hair loss prevention drug fails to live up to its goal - to remove the psychological consequences associated with hair loss. Instead, though it may re-grow your hair, it can also bring with it far worse psychological consequences. This is not a success for the scientists.

Luckily, there are still all natural hair loss prevention drugs that work just as well and are completely without side effects. One of those, a product known as procerin is as effective as the chemical medications but has no side effects, so you will not risk your health just to save your hair.

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