Hair Loss Prevention Products

As a long time sufferer of hair loss, I recommend that you buy a hair loss prevention product right away. The sooner you can stop your hair loss, the more likely you are to retain the hairs that you still have.

DHT and Permanent Hair Loss

One of the problems with hair loss, especially hair loss caused by DHT, is that when you lose a hair, 99% of the time that hair loss is permanent. That is because what DHT does is close the root"s ability to receive nutrients until the follicle essentially dies. Since the follicle is necessary to grow and re-grow hair, once it is dead it is unlikely the hair in that space is every coming back.

However, if you buy a hair loss prevention product right away, you may be able to stop that permanent hair loss problem. DHT does not immediately kill the follicle. The prevention of nutrients is a slow process, and what should first occur is that your hair will weaken and thin.

If you buy a hair loss prevention product early enough, you can not only prevent the DHT from weakening the hair further - you can also provide some nutrients to give the hair back a great deal of its strength, which will help make sure that it not only stays on your head, but lives far longer even if you stop taking the medication and the DHT comes back.

Non-Permanent Hair Loss

There are some kinds of hair loss that are not permanent. For example, if you have hair loss due to a problem with nutrition (ie not getting enough of the vitamins to need to grow your hair correctly) you can suffer from hair loss for a while, but those hairs will grow back once you start eating more of the vitamins.

But that is only true if you get the vitamins within a short time frame. If you wait a few years to treat nutrition based hair loss, some of those follicles will have permanently died, and even if you buy a hair loss prevention product, you will be unlikely to grow those follicles back.

That is why whether you are treating permanent hair loss caused by DHT or non-permanent hair loss caused by a lack of nutrition, it is a good idea to buy a hair loss prevention product like procerin as soon as you can so that you can keep as many hairs as possible.

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