Natural Hair Loss Prevention

The key to natural hair loss prevention is in two separate things:

  • The ability to stop hair loss early
  • The willingness to trust in a natural hair loss prevention supplement

With all hair loss, catching it early and starting on a natural hair loss prevention regimen is vital. The way Dihydrotestosterone works is that after it has bound itself to the roots of your hair and starts to block the nutrients, the hairs begin to slowly weaken. This should be followed by visible thinning, as it is nutrients that keep the hair strong and thick.

As you watch your hair thin, those thinning areas are going to also have weaker roots. When the hair finally falls out, the follicle that created it has shriveled up as well, fallen out with it, and can no longer create hair in those areas.

With normal hair loss, the follicle stays in your head (even if your hair is pulled out) so that when a hair falls out naturally, the follicle begins to re-grow. But with Dihydrotestosterone, the follicle dies along with the hair, so no more hair can grow in that spot. That is why one of the keys to natural hair loss prevention is to start taking a hair loss supplement early, before your hair follicle has had a chance to die.

Trust in a Supplement

The second part of natural hair loss prevention lies in being willing to trust in a supplement. The reason this trust is so vital has two parts to it as well:

  • Stress decreases its efficiency (if you do not believe it is going to work and are stressed, it is less likely to work).
  • You have to take it for six months to a year before you can be 100% certain that it is working.

With the second of those two bullet points, the important part to take away from that information is that with all natural hair loss prevention supplements, even when it looks like it is working or even if it looks like it is failing, there is no way to truly know until you have used the product for a long time. Perhaps you lose a few hairs because the follicle had already died while using a working product, or perhaps you attribute success to a non-working product just because you notice that a hair that fell out grew back, even though the only reason it is growing back is because the follicle was not quite dead. It takes a long commitment to know for certain your product is working.

For natural hair loss prevention, start with a well known effective product like procerin. Its powerful formula is easily something you can both trust and start early, since it has no side effects.

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